January in Pictures

How are we already a month into the new year?  

Sometimes I think that if I didn't take pictures of our lives, all the days would blur into a strangely faint memory of diapers, schooling, and hot dogs with mac & cheese.  

But thankfully, we have a few pictures from this month so I can tell you  remind myself exactly what it is I've been doing

My Oldest lost her first tooth!  Notice the moist eyes.  If she tells you the story, she'll be quick to state that I was responsible for unceremoniously evicting the tooth from its home.  She will not likely mention that my reason for doing so was her drawn-out, pitiful state of hysteria because her tooth hurt from biting into a banana.  

*My kids rediscovered silly putty.  The next picture would have been of my son with an oddly shaped piece of silly putty on his head. If you are a Friends fan, it was hilariously reminiscent of "The One with Ross and Monica's Cousin".  My husband says not all pictures need to be posted.  Moving on.

We celebrated my middle son's 5th birthday in Spiderman style!  I've discovered I can make a pinata of anything, as long as it's balloon shaped.  (Our previous attempt was a bee hive).  We also discovered that pin-the-spider on the spiderman is really only fun if you cheat.

My youngest got accepted to a prestigious culinary school.  You should try his signature, "Mashed PB & J".

My Sweet Girl also got her hair cut.  She briefly planned to grow it out- I believe the phrase "as long as Rapunzel's" was used.  But when I insisted that we brush her hair more often than "never", she wanted it short. 

I gave my son benedryll one day because he sometimes has allergy trouble around cats.  Later in the day (of course right before our birth-to-3 worker was coming over to see my baby), I walked in to find his face like this.  My first thought was that he was breaking out in a rash from the medicine.  Panicked, I asked if he'd put something on his face.  He wouldn't say until I told him we'd have to go to the doctor if he didn't know what was on his face.  Turns out he'd gotten into my makeup.  And how could I be mad at him for using make-up without asking when I was just so happy he wasn't going to die of a swelling face rash?  Well played, child. 

 With our unseasonably warm New England winter, late January was our first real snow...and my kiddos enjoyed every flake!

We finished up the month studying Ancient Greece in homeschool. My daughter worked on a Greek Mosaic, which she poetically titled, "The Night of Scattered Stars".  She would like to show the world that you don't have to wear drab paint clothes while working with messy plaster.  No sir.  

Aaand, this picture was taken just before the adorable cuddly scenario turned into an oblivious but heavy toddler smothering his sister's head.  Can't win 'em all. 

Well, it seems we survived another winter month.  Here's wishing everyone a happy February!