Insurance Inshmurance...

I sat down this week to re-apply for our insurance.  I was so excited to be filling out an electronic application instead of the usual paper one...for all of ten minutes.  Because at minute ten I realized that I somehow botched a question at minute one which I could no longer go back and change.  And that one  mis-answered question, apparently, made me ineligible for the insurance I wanted.

And so the phone calls began to the Access Health people.  The lady quickly figured out my error, and used her magic to reset part of my application.  Then I made stupid mistake number two: she asked if I wanted to finish the application over the phone, and I said, "no thanks, I'll finish online." Because I was so close to finishing?  Because I wanted the control?  Who the heck knows why.


I did not get much further without getting stumped again, and after a confusing phone call to my husband, I gave it up till the evening.  When HE got home, we made it about three minutes further into the application (yay teamwork) and then hit an absolute wall.  In our defense, the question was ambiguous at best.  We tried to click the little person in the corner of the application for help, but all she really did was state the obvious VERRRY SLOOOWLY.  Yes, thank you, we assumed that the "back" button would take us to the previous page.

Two days later when I finally had time to wade through insurance once again, I called Access Health all over and was able to sort it all out.  (They really were nice people.)  This time I finished the application over the phone, and I swear to you when she got to the part that had stumped us, she asked the question in a much more obvious way, which hardly seems fair.  But the end result is that we are approved for the insurance we wanted.  Whew.

Meanwhile, I called my mom in a panic because some vague part of my throat was sore and I naturally assumed that it was some growth on my thyroid which would have to be removed, leaving my vocal chords maimed and I would never be able to sing again.  My mom, who worries more than I do, assures me it is a sore lymph node and nothing to worry about.  And here I was trying to plan out how to continue being an outgoing extrovert without the use of my voice, and getting all emotional because I can't imagine a day without singing.

Anyway, all in all it wasn't a bad week: finished insurance application (check), still have use of my vocal chords (check).  I must confess though, that at one point  this week while I was using the restroom my son may have drank syrup straight from the bottle, and I have no idea how much.  But if that is the worst thing that happened I think we will live.  

So Merry Insurance Applications to all, and to all a good night!