10 Things I Learned from My Kids' Party

1: Don't serve pasta salad without also putting eating utensils on the table.

2: When its time for the piñata, kids are far more concerned about how close they are to getting their turn with the stick than they are about how close the stick is getting to their head while their friend has a turn.  

3: Ironing alone in the basement before a party starts is actually somewhat therapeutic. 

4: If you can't make a convincing "pin-the-tail-on-the-zebra" by all means just don't.  (Just don't.)

5:  When 1 kid opens birthday presents, there is a slight chance of maintaining order.  When 2 kids are opening presents, the rules go out the window...(along with any chance of detailed thank you notes.)

6: Maybe it is time for us to invest in a lighter... or upscale matches? I'm sure they exist.

7: Never underestimate the imaginative shenanigans of 6 girls with a pile of dress up clothes.  Or the speed with which they can change clothes.

8: When making a home-made piñata with children, it is advisable to first put them in a disposable rain jacket.  Also, assume a few of the toys will never see the glorious inside of the paper mache. 

9: You should not be surprised if, instead of being materially appeased by all the birthday presents, your child is suddenly struck with the need to start their Christmas list.  (You should also not be surprised if this makes you question what wrong turn you took in your parenting which so obviously lead to your child's sense of entitlement. ;-) 

10: When all else fails, a bounce house is simply the best.