Mom's Dictionary

...a work in progress.  
Please feel free to add your own!

converruption [kon-vuh-ruhp-shuh n] (n.)A verbal exchange between two or more parents that feels choppy, incomplete, or overly superficial due to frequent distractions/interruptions by children

crankappy [krangk-app-ee] (adj)Used to describe a child's mood when it alternates rapidly between cranky and happy, especially when a child is very sleepy.  

delishgusting [dih-lish-guhs-ting] (adj)A food that is simultaneously tasty to one child, and abhorrent to another.  (ex.  Most of the meals that I make are delishgusting, but everyone seems to like pizza.)  

facsimomile  [fak-sih-mom-uh-lee] (n): A mother's word or phrase that is an exact replication of what her own mother said when she was a child (ex. Because I said so!)

Hide and Seek (n)a little game mother's play in which they inadvertently put down their coffee 
and then search everywhere for it- the game is most commonly played repeatedly throughout the day

Insubordrain [in-suh-bawr-dreyn]  (n): A kitchen sink drain that obstinately chooses to clog when you want it to drain, but prefers not to hold water when you want to do dishes in soapy water.

malapropoo [mal-ap-ruh-poo] (n): baby's/toddler's bowel movement (1) at an inopportune time,(ex: Just as we buckled Timmy in the car to take him to his Dr. visit, we smelled his malapropoo and were late because we had to change him.)  OR  (2) in an inappropriate situation (ex. Of course little Alice had to fill her diaper when I was completely out of wipes- what a malapropoo!)

manipudelay [muh-nip-yuh-dih-ley] (v): the act of using stalling tactics to prolong or put off bedtime (ex.  We love summer because the kids are so worn out at night that they almost never manipudelay.)  

momery lapse [mom-uh-ree laps] (n.)Isolated instances when a mother cannot think clearly or forgets something obvious (ex: She tries to take her child to school on a well known holiday...such as Good Friday, or puts the car keys in the freezer.)

napclipse [nap-klips] (n)A very rare moment experienced by parents of multiple children in which each child not only takes a nap, but also naps at the same time as the other children (ex. During an unprecedented Monday napclipse, Tina not only finished the laundry, but also caught up on season four of Downton Abbey.) 

persistenquisitive [per-sist-in-kwiz-i-tiv] (adj): Given to tenaciously asking "why" questions (ex. "When Lilly really starts annoying us with her 'why' questions we just say, 'remember what happened to the persistenquisitive cat, honey.' ")   

threshslowed  [thresh-slohd] (n) : A condition which causes children, who otherwise walk at a normal pace, to move almost imperceptibly slow when crossing through the threshold or doorway of any building.  (particularly if it is freezing outside or if there are other people behind you waiting to go through the door)

T.O.D. (n, abbrev.): A well known abbreviation for "Toy of the Day", referring to a toy which was previously ignored but is now desired by every child present precisely because it is desired by every child present.