I'll Never Regret...

I'll never regret giving up money that goes to sponsor a child in an impoverished community- even if giving only makes me realize how much more is needed.  

I'll never regret holding my tongue in an argument and compromising, even if I feel entitled to be mad.

I'll never regret spending time with my extended family, even if it means I have to drive to Alabama and back to see them.

I'll never regret writing a note to encourage someone, even if I never hear that they got it.  

I'll never regret advocating for those who can't speak for themselves- even if I don't always know how to do it.

I'll never regret letting my kids get messy while being creative, even if it means some cute clothes bite the dust.

I'll never regret buying a friend coffee to cheer them up, even if I sometimes regret the money spent on my own coffee addiction.

I'll never regret vacation time with my/Jeff's family, even when I forget to bring Scrabble.

I'll never regret being honest with others, even if I'm not always brave enough to be.

I'll never regret letting a stranger share their life with me, even if they are quite talkative and I'm with them at the airport for hours waiting for a plane.

I'll never regret spending 15 minutes on the floor playing legos with my son, even if it means dinner is later.

I'll never regret getting close to friends- even if it means we witness each others messiness.

I'll never regret ignoring the clock for a few minutes more to hear all my daughter's important and deep musings while I tuck her into bed- even if it means I miss a tv show or two.  

I'll never regret trying something that I've always wanted to do, even if I fail.  

I'll never regret doing what I feel God wants me to- even if it doesn't land me where I expected.


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