Observation on Buying in Bulk

I've said before that I am constantly looking for sales, bargains, and the cheapest way to get all my household needs.  I don't always succeed- as I've also made blatantly obvious in previous posts.  My latest question is whether whole-sale stores like BJs, Sams Club, etc. are helping me save- or causing me to justify spending MORE for the sake of what appear to be bottom line prices.  I go in to buy only the things we really need in bulk- toilet paper, diapers, deodorant, etc.  If you are one of the normal people who don't go through alarming amounts of anti-perspirant in a month, please hold your judgement.  But inevitably I buy more than I need- I'll succumb to buying a 20-pack of garlic, the 720z bag of chocolate chips (hm...OK maybe that one is worth it), or a massive amount of baking soda- which I may finish only if I figure out how to use it for cleaning purposes- or bake a million cakes or something.

My OTHER observation is that buying in bulk sometimes causes me to USE more product than I otherwise would.  Let me explain:  I bought a giant double pack of liquid soap refill- like a gallon of the stuff- and it's warm coconut ginger scent (which I guarantee I'll be tired of in a couple months).  First, I reallllly wanted to use the new soap so I was tempted to use up my old stuff faster.  The old soap I had also slightly diluted with water to make it last longer.  When I finally refilled the soap with my delightful gingery-coconut goodness, I did not dilute.  Why dilute when I have a gallon of soap to go through?  Or toilet paper- I almost had a panic attack to learn that we were on our last roll recently and I went into conservation mode.  Ration the stuff- 3 squares per person per latrine visit till we get in more supplies!!!  But when we have plenty- eh...not a big deal if I waste some.  

Hm...I begin to wonder if buying in bulk may actually keep me from using products frugally- it's almost like because I have more than my "daily bread"- (another blog altogether I'm sure)- I don't appreciate what I have and use it carefully.  It may be small stuff here and there, but it adds up in my budget.  The bigger issue perhaps is my heart- I don't want to have an attitude that is comfortable with waste, or that feels so used to having an abundance that I don't allow myself to feel what it's like to be "almost out" of something.  Gracious, I poured out a cup of perfectly good water today just so I could refill it with milk- and I thought to myself that in another country that water would never have been dumped out- never.  

I don't feel that I have a cohesive point for today- just some musings- perhaps you can relate.  It's important to step back and think about what and why we do from time to time, and I'll leave it at that.